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Welcome to 2017

We’re back! Advanced Airbrush has been closed most of January as we prepared for the year ahead of us. Wayne and Jo have been in Perth throughout this month, setting up new opportunities for the expansion of Advanced Airbrush in Perth. Wayne has been busy as always – completing many jobs including helmets, cars, artwork and more, as well as participating in the MotorVation car show in Perth. We have plenty of news and content to share with you so please read on below.

MotorVation 2017
Advanced Airbrush had a trade stand here displaying both the Katy Perry convertible and Wayne’s Alice Cooper ute. The day was exciting and also brought some challenges fighting off the strong ocean wind, with a swaying bonnet and high detail – a moving artwork is hard to paint! We loved the day, making new friends, seeing awesome cars and the overall experience was great.

Mustang Bonnet
Completed at MotorVation, the bonnet pictured above has a sad story. This car was actually ordered by the person Wayne airbrushed on the bonnet. He was a finance guru and highly respected by all his clients. Sadly, he passed away in December. A great friend and customer of his, Phil, couldn’t bear the thought of the last thing he wanted not being realized, so he decided to purchase the car as remembrance. The artwork is a tribute to his friend with symbolism relating to their friendship.

Wayne already has more shows booked up in Perth, which we will update you about soon with details of where you can see Wayne in action.

Fine Art
Pictured below – two Fine Art pieces,  airbrushed on canvas with waterbased Trident paint, full freehand creative. The first image is Wayne’s latest artwork completed 20th Jan 2017 and has been painted to enter an arts award. You can also view a video of Wayne airbrushing the second artwork of the beach.


Work Gallery
A sample gallery of our recent work including trompe l’oeil, airbrushed cars, guitars and helmets. We are also regularly updating our artwork and portfolio pages, so be sure to keep an eye out as there is much more to come.

Wayne ran his first workshop of the year (pictured below) in Rockingham with a great group of future Airbrush artists. He will be returning to Penrith on the 28th this month, just in time for his first 2 day and 7 day workshops of the year.

Workshops will have a new format this year with a set project in all Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. We will also be hosting guest artists who are extremely talented in their fields, showing you their tricks of the trade.
Ergun Yasar will be our first guest artist this year, teaching you his famous style of Airbrushing on baseball/trucker caps. A unique, talented artist who students can learn much from. Dates to be advised.
Ryan from Advanced Airbrush will also be running workshops, so be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page for instant updates on all upcoming classes!

Night classes
Our night classes will also be starting this year, a continous training programme which you can book into monthly, semi-annually, or just one night for advice – it is up to you. We encourage you to email us subjects you would like to learn, as this will help us in finalising the year’s programmes. We are well known for teaching you exactly what YOU want to learn.
These are 100% hands-on training programmes for students from ages 14-99, female or male. Our subjects span hobby, art, make-up, nails, models, cakes and more; Wayne knows and teaches them all, and is an accredited Cert IV training and assessing teacher. Set classes for all these subjects are currently being put together.

Job Inquiries
This year you will need to call if you wish to speak to Wayne, as he will be consistently travelling between Perth & Sydney for work, as well as travelling interstate for set projects that are in the pipeline. Job bookings are now essential to have your work done by Wayne or Advanced Airbrush.

We thank you all for your continued interested in Advanced Airbrush and look forward to this exciting year with you!
Advanced Airbrush Penrith re-opens this Saturday the 28th.

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