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New Airbrush Shop Products

We’d like to announce some new additions to our Airbrush Shop – we are always expanding our product range and would like to give you a more detailed look at some of the latest products we’ve added.

The first and only hand-held device that is designed specifically for repairing bent and damaged airbrush fluid needles. The concept and design was created by an airbrush artist especially for the airbrushing community. SharpenAir works by utilizing multiple angles allowing your damaged needle to be straightened efficiently and with precision each and every time while maintaining its factory angle. There are four runners located at the bottom of each SharpenAir which are uniquely angled to do the work for you. At the end of each runner is a diamond-grit coated sharpening stone. These stones are made up of varying grit and work together to provide you with a consistently perfect finish.

We’ve included a video and product gallery for you to view below. We are an official Australian distributor of SharpenAir, click HERE to check it out at our Airbrush Shop.

New TRIDENT Sets – Pearl, Metallic, Fluro
TRIDENT is a revolutionary new water based airbrush paint that provides premium performance and is a joy to paint with. It was designed with the highest expectations, with current standards of other water based paint being unacceptable, TRIDENT was to perform as well as any top performing urethane; and it does! Another fantastic feature is its multi-surface application. It is suitable for most substrates including hard surfaces such as metal and sealed timber, medium surfaces like paper and board through to fabric and textiles. TRIDENT is made by artists for artists.

These new sets include –
Pearl Set: 1x 50ml Silver Pearl, 1x 50ml Gold Pearl, 1x 50ml Red Pearl, 1x 50ml Violet Pearl, 1x 50ml Blue Pearl, 1x 50ml Green Pearl,  1x 50ml Orange, Pearl 1x 50ml Transparent Base, 2x 50ml Mixing Bottles

Metallic Set: 1x 50ml Gold Metallic, 1x 50ml Silver Metallic, 1x 50ml Copper Metallic, 1x 50ml Transparent Base

Fluro Set: 1x 50ml Tru White, 1x 50ml Fluro Yellow, 1x 50ml Fluro Green, 1x 50ml Fluro Orange, 1x 50ml Fluro Red, 1x 50ml Fluro Pink. Fluorescent colors are applied over a white base color to achieve maximum fluorescence of color.

Click HERE to check out our Trident range at Airbrush Shop. More coming soon! 

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