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Body Painting

Body painting is a great promotional tool - it allows you to capture your audience with the detailed art of a product (like the Van Gogh Vodka girls below), or painted on clothing and art in general. Advanced Airbrush has been involved in a great deal of body painting, including being the feature of a TV reality show "Flesh Air". Flesh Air has now been sold in Australia as well as internationally including Asia, South Africa, Russia, France etc.

Body painting is a fantastic art because you are creating a living, moving art piece - something a canvas can't do. For Wayne the creating of art on the human body is the ultimate as an artist, as it allows his work to come alive. Wayne and the team have completed projects including the "Playboy" event in Melbourne - airbrushing over 60 girls for the event in 4 hours with a crew of professional artists.

To speak with Wayne directly call 0419 994 050.