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Art In The Air

Virgin Maiden


In 2002, Wayne Harrison was contracted for Virgin Blue, airbrushing its full fleet of aircraft (over 80 planes) with the Virgin Maiden, including Pacific Blue aircrafts that travel to Fiji and New Zealand, and also Virgin's Embrayer fleet. As the new Virgin Australia no longer has the Virgin Maiden fully painted, Wayne is the only artist to have ever painted the Virgin Maidens on every Virgin Blue aircraft. Wayne was also asked to attend the first ever Virgin Blue Hanger ball, a fund raiser for Virgin. The winner of the auction had his daughter's name put on a Virgin Aircraft, paying a quarter of a million dollars for the privilege. That night, Wayne hand painted the name onto the plane in front of everyone. He also presented the famous Sir Richard Branson with a pair of personally airbrushed shoes which Richard signed for Wayne to keep.

Sir Richard Branson & Wayne Harrison

Wayne and Sir Richard Branson about to shake, with CEO Brett Godfrey in the background.

The Lady Rebecca

Wayne and Sir Richard Branson standing in front of the "Lady Rebecca" plane.

Brett Godfrey & Virgin Maiden

Former CEO of Virgin Blue, Brett Godfrey, next to a Virgin Maiden plane.

Tom Moon


Wayne Harrison airbrushed this Stunt Plane for Tom Moon - the theme was fire with an Australian Eagle over the top.
In fond memory of Tom Moon who died doing what he loved, January 2009.

Other Work


Air Asia Production 2

Production of the artwork for the plane.

Air Asia Production 1

Production of the artwork for the plane.

Air Asia Project

Commercial plane tail wing - fully airbrushed to Aviation specs in 5 days by Wayne Harrison, 2004.

Leopard Theme Yak

A yak owned by Jim and Jenny Wickham, airbrushed in a leopard theme by Wayne Harrison.