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Wayne meets Chip Foose – VIDEO

Wayne was very honoured and privileged to have had the chance to meet with Chip Foose last week at 3M, with the launch of their new training centre.

Wayne posted on Facebook for his fans to suggest some questions we could ask Chip during this meeting. In this video you will see him address these questions. Wayne also brings up a funny experience he had with one of Chip’s closest friends. See the clip hear his answers.

One question that also interested Wayne was Chip Foose’s answer to “if he liked airbrush”-  it was good to see that Chip is for airbrush, as it is the only way to have a unique, original artwork on your car. Even digital wrap is supplied in volume, so it is no longer a unique piece. Airbrush is still the ONLY way you can have a unique original artwork on your car – just understand that not all Airbrush is the same. You have different quality of airbrush.

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