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Airbrush Workshops (Courses) are held in Penrith, Gold Coast & Perth. Wayne Harrison the teacher is also an accredited TAE certified teacher in training and assessing. Wayne ownes a highly successful airbrush business  that has now been operating in Penrith for over 23 years. Wayne has now expanded into Perth where he now offers training and support their too. Wayne has been teaching airbrush for most of the 23 years as well as running his production business, this is why he has so much knowledge he can share, as there is nothing that he has’t airbrushed.

Waynes way of teaching is direct, he teachers as he learnt himself. A very hands on approach and shows the many tricks he has learnt through the years that allows him to run a profitable airbrush business.

Wayne has worked on many projects from large aircrafts to finger nails. His many years of production allows him to share his knowledge and tips and he enjoys seeing this trade grow and expand as it has over the years.  For Wayne it is his passion to see his trade grow and new students enjoying the journey.  Why not come and see why MANY hundreds of students have chosen Advanced Airbrush to learn from.

NEW training programs starting in JULY 2016, Stay posted through our blog on the front page.

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