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Advanced Airbrush Mid-Year Update

Wayne has been busy over the last few weeks completing several different projects, which we’d like to share with you today with information and galleries on each one. From airbrushing fine art, to guitars, trucks, helmets, horse trailer and wall mural, it has been great enjoyment to work on all of these projects. Check them out below –

General Gallery –
“The Vandal” – A fine art piece depicting a panel van, which was painted on a panel and framed. This is a great present for car enthusiasts.

“Reece” – Truck artwork dedicated to a lost son, who means the world to his parents and it was an honour to do this for them. The portrait was painted from a small photo supplied, and Wayne did his best to make it perfect.

Elvis Guitars – These are for a unique Elvis cruise that will be setting sail on June the 1st – June 4th. The theme of the cruise is Elvis Rock n’ Roll, and these guitars will be prizes during the cruise.

Helmet – This client requested his face airbrushed onto the helmet with a crown. The end result is fantastic and another happy customer.


Airbrushed Horse Trailer –
Wayne has now completed several horse trailers (including the one for Gai Waterhouse). This client had a specific vision for the artwork and it is a unique piece which shows her love for horses, and the activities she enjoys represented by the different characters.


Airbrushed Bar Coco Trailer –
Wayne has airbrushed many Bar Coco Ice Cream, Food Vans and Coffee trailers. The owner Alf is a huge fan of Wayne’s work, and all of the unique artwork depicted on his trailers has been created and airbrushed by Wayne. 


Cronulla Hallway Mural –
Wayne recently completed a 5m wide by 3m high hallwa mural at The Promenade in Cronulla. It was airbrushed in the building of Joe’s Cafe, which was the first shop front in Cronulla. View the videos below of Wayne working on the mural, and the finished piece. 

Upcoming Workshops –
We have Airbrush Workshops coming up in 2 weeks time, with places still left. Wayne will be working on NEW projects for any past students wishing to come and refresh their skills, or if you are a beginner or haven’t held an airbrush before – these classes are for you as well. The  2 Day is an introductory course, where the 5 Day will have you continue on to complete several projects and colour blends. Good for the hobbyist, or for someone looking to start a career airbrushing – this is where you start. We hope to see you there!

Workshops Ad June 2018

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