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Updates & Recent Work

We are back with some updates! It has been a busy couple of months and we have plenty of work to share with you. 

Katy Perry Car –
Shortly after the Today Tonight feature on the Pink tribute car, Joanne was interviewed for another Today Tonight spot in which she presented her Katy Perry car. The car was fully freehand airbrushed by Wayne who was also interviewed for the spot. Click below to watch –

Wall Murals –
This gallery showcases some of Wayne’s recent murals. The first series of murals were for a Pilates gym, in which Wayne accurately recreated original photos of Joseph Pilates through airbrushing. The second series of murals was for Flip Out, an indoor trampoline arena.

Automotive –
Airbrushed bikes and airbrushed car graphics, from tribute artworks to religious themes.

Tribute –
This gallery showcases a collection of Elvis-themed, Rolling Stones-themed and Pink-themed artworks on various materials and clothing items. Also included is a Rolling Stones airbrushed boat, a Pink airbrushed guitar and an additional custom guitar.

Dru Blair –
Lastly, we are excited to announce the Dru Blair workshops for 2018! Both Penrith and Perth will be Portraiture workshops, where you can learn Dru’s realistic airbrushing techniques


Click the email links below to book in for the location of your choice.
Dru Blair Penrith Workshop
Dru Blair Perth Workshop

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