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Category : Latest News

06 Dec 2018

Gold Member of Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce

We are very pleased to have recently joined the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce and we are looking forward to being a part of this wonderful community, sharing our business with them and meeting at more RKCC events. We were so pleased when Tony approached us to showcase the community cafe container that will be used to benefit local community groups next year, and we are looking forward to being a part of such a fantastic business community. Please view the gallery below […]

01 Nov 2018

Firefighter’s Climb 2018 Helmet

Wayne Harrison creates custom Airbrushed Helmets – this one was created to support the Firefighter’s Climb for MND in 2018. It took 2 days to create, and was created to help raise much needed funds for Motor Neurone Disease Research.  View the video below to see creation of the artwork, and the final completed helmet which Advanced Airbrush and Wayne Harrison sponsored –

23 Aug 2018

Updates & Recent Work

We are back with some updates! It has been a busy couple of months and we have plenty of work to share with you.  Katy Perry Car – Shortly after the Today Tonight feature on the Pink tribute car, Joanne was interviewed for another Today Tonight spot in which she presented her Katy Perry car. The car was fully freehand airbrushed by Wayne who was also interviewed for the spot. Click below to watch – Wall Murals – This gallery […]

05 Jul 2018

Today Tonight – Pink Car Feature

We are excited to show you a video of our feature spot on Today Tonight! Joanne was interviewed for this spot and presented her Pink car which was fully airbrushed by Wayne, including the older model and also the airbrushed Pink guitar. Click below to watch, and we hope you enjoy the video as much as we do!

24 May 2018

Advanced Airbrush Mid-Year Update

Wayne has been busy over the last few weeks completing several different projects, which we’d like to share with you today with information and galleries on each one. From airbrushing fine art, to guitars, trucks, helmets, horse trailer and wall mural, it has been great enjoyment to work on all of these projects. Check them out below – General Gallery – “The Vandal” – A fine art piece depicting a panel van, which was painted on a panel and framed. This […]

05 Apr 2018

Australian Van Nationals 2018

VIP – Special Guest Wayne Harrison @ 43rd Australia Van Nationals, Barmera Thank you to Tony & Julie Collier who invited Wayne as VIP special guest in honour of his 40 years of dedication to the Art of Airbrushing Panel Vans and to feature his work on the “Timeless” panel van. Wayne first started airbrushing panel vans in 1978 under the name “Fantasy Murals”, located in Blacktown and was well known to all. Sue Kelly is the proud owner of […]

31 Jan 2018

Welcome to 2018

We’re back! Firstly we hope everyone had a great time over the Christmas period and holidays, and we are excited to share news and updates with you as we go forward into 2018. Our head artist Wayne will be dividing his time between Penrith and Perth to a greater extent this year, so bookings will be required in advance for all projects. Casual Evening Penrith classes will also commence along with Perth including new projects and new training programs, as well as […]

23 Nov 2017

Merry Christmas 2017 & Closing Dates

Merry Christmas 2017! We wish everyone the best for the upcoming holidays next month, and hope our loyal clients and customers have a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year. Thank you for supporting us and making it a great 2017! We’d also like to inform everyone of our shopfront and online closing dates over this period for our Airbrush Shop, whether you are thinking of purchasing a gift for someone, or plan to pick up something for yourself. The dates are as follows – […]

31 Aug 2017

Welcome To Spring

Advanced Airbrush has had a facelift, with a new look and colour scheme to the building and new signage. We hope you like it! Dru Blair 2017 It’s time to pay deposits and confirm your places in the Dru Blair 2017 workshop. You can follow the link HERE to book into the Penrith (Sydney) or Rockingham (Perth) workshop. This is a HUGE opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry. Dru’s classes are run around the world and Advanced […]

17 Jul 2017

Special Opening Times 17th – 24th July

Firstly, we would like to inform everyone that our opening times have changed this month. From 17th – 24th of July, please be aware of the following: Monday – 9:30 to 4:30 Tuesday – Closed Wednesday – 9:30 to 4:30 Thursday – Closed Friday – 9:30 to 4:30 Saturday & Sunday – Closed On Tuesday the 25th our opening times return to normal. In other news, we have 2-day and 7-day workshops in Penrith from the 30th of September, and a 5-day […]