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About Our Workshops

Penrith - Gold Coast - Perth

At Advanced Airbrush we run beginners airbrush courses as well as courses for the intermediate to advanced students. As our courses are run on a more individual basis we offer more a one on one training, and will teach each student at their own pace. You are not limited to the other students and their abilities. When you come for one of Wayne's courses you will be shown on the first day what you want to know, you dont have to do so many courses to get the knowledge your after.

Some students are artists and others have no art skills at all. We will teach you to use the Airbrush, maintain it and do special effects and tricks with the Airbrush. Also be able to produce artwork. We teach maximum 14 students per teacher.

Wayne Harrison (Owner/Artist) has over 30 years of Automotive Airbrush experience including fine arts, Wall Art & all other forms of Airbrush art. Wayne holds a Licenced Ticket for Automotive Art and Graphics. Wayne's Artworks have won Awards in USA and Australia. Also his artwork has received a lot of Top awards for Top Graphics and Airbrush Art (Murals) throughout the automotive shows around Australia eg Auto Salon. Wayne has also traveled to Malaysia to teach students for a new business setting up, and will continue to support the students as required.

With our hands on teaching and personal experience in the Airbrush Field of production we are able to teach you Airbrushing for:

  • Automotive /Bike Airbrushing
  • T- Shirt Art
  • Trompe L'oiel (Wall Art)
  • General Murals
  • Hobby Airbrushing
  • Nail Art
  • Body Painting ( promotional) You must bring your own model on last day.

Anything you wish to learn in Airbrushing - Wayne & his staff can help.

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