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Trompe l'oeil n. a type of painting intended to deceive the eye; illusionism.

Trick of the eye, it will give you the illusion of continuation of the room or garden to give you the effect of larger space.

Here you will see a few samples of Wayne Harrison. Wayne is a highly qualified and truly professional Artist. His client base comes from all around the world e.g. Malaysia, Dubai etc.

At Advanced Airbrush we are able to help you with your Design creation, then follow the job right through to end of production. Each artwork is individually produced allowing it to flow and capture its environment.

We often work with Designer teams in large projects and no job is too small or too big.

For more information or free quote please email us on [email protected].

We offer production for:

  • House Walls ( Trompe L'oeil) for Lounge, Back Yard, Pool surrounds, Theme rooms.
  • Clubs, Theatres, Restaurants, Night Clubs
  • Back Drops, Movie theatre scene's, special effects, ads for TV's etc.


House Walls

You can find Murals and Trompe L'oeils in every room from Kids theme rooms to Lounge rooms. I will give you a few ideas that people have used or ideas I have had in my own home.

Kids rooms can be direct on to the wall or on Timber and hung like Pictures for use in other rooms or when they grow up allow you to sell the art or if you are in a place where it is hard for our Artist to access this will allow you where ever you live to have a mural from Wayne Harrison, whether interstate or International. - Story book theme's are very popular - Trucks, Cars, bikes (like our Monster truck) or maybe a racing car on a track.

Formal areas - You could have things like the Greek Island scene to Waterfalls and rainforests, Pillars and Greek building to beach scenes.

Corporate Murals.- Murals for Foyers, Entrances any size clubs, Motels , Restaurants where ever you would like to see art. ( we specialise in Large building Artwork internal and external).

Bath rooms - underwater scenes, fish etc. We can also arrange for your plain white tiles to be Airbrushed in full theme eg ( Bulrushes& water lillies and them have them lacquered ready for the tiler to fit with full room themed. Very Unique.

These are only some ideas there are many many more. We can help you design and create or
we can bring to life your ideas.

Also Commercial uses of this art  to help combate Grafitti and decorate our streets. Expressways, Highway  and any other commercial premises that wants to stand out in an appelling way. Scroll down as you will find many samples of our work............

        this wall is painted white only. All images - lights, purple strips and flowers are fully painted as well as
              artwork of buildings in window and all frames are painted too. This was done for a babies nursery.

              Advertising Agency wall art

            Wine barrels set up in a cellar in inner Sydney on brick wall

                                     A Mural completed in the Dome of a Home

                              Mural completed on board to be applied to a wall in a wine cafe

                                   This artwork is fully airbrushed by Wayne Harrison
                                           Kids play room in a chidrens themed area.
                                                        Childs room of fairy's

                                                                    childs boys room

   Here you will see a range of Roller Shutters Airbrushed for a Main Street Shopping Centre
   All Airbrushed by Wayne, Ryan & Chris. Each artwork depicts the business within.


                                                Hair dressers Roller Shutters.


                                        Mural produced  in Wedding Display business
 Created by Advanced Airbrush for the Flower show Melbourne , signage and backdroped.
  this is a small stage with back drop giving you dimension into a country flower farm.

Dining wall mural
Dining wall mural
Lounge window mural

Wall Art by Wayne Harrison

For all work art, we work the hours that suit the opening times if needed, when working with Cafes, Clubs and Restaurants.

Wall Mural Airbrushed by Wayne Harrison within a home

Murals For Resturants And Cafes

For all work for cafes, clubs and restaurants, we will work the hours that suit the opening times if needed.


are leaders of AIRBRUSH in Australia we offer Airbrush Teaching & Airbrush Product sales and Airbrush Production they are based in Sydney, Australia. No airbrush job too big or too small. Specialists in airbrushing for corporate vehicles, boats, bikes, shopfronts, vans, trucks, buses and Murals & anything you can think of. Leading Airbrush trainers and suppliers

ABN 23 621 870 144
Unit 1 & 2/ 15 Production Place, Penrith (Jamistown) N.S.W. 2750
Telephone: 1300 733 165      
Telephone: Australia 0247 222 332 International: +61 247 222 332
Facsimile: Australia 0247 222 309   International: +61 247 222 309

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