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More airbrush bike pics

Chic Henry & Model Summernats 2014

Airbrushed leather look

Frog Bike tanks themed

Seth Enslow & Kira
Flesh Air TV shoot

body painting

body painting playboy

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At Advanced Airbrush we offer Custom Bike &Helmet Artwork and Graphics including Custom Paint in any colour and any effect from black crystal to perl, candy & flake.  See some samples of our work below. For all enquiries about airbrushing bikes, please contact ourstaff on the numbers at the bottom of this page or send us an Email.


                                      Pinstripping and skulls on tank awaiting flat matt clear.

                                                            Harley Tin - for display in India


                                                 custom airbrushed bike in pirate theme


                         Seth Enslow with a Harley painted up for shoot with Flesh Air season 2 and Crusty

                                   Guard of bike, themed in Avatar. Rest of bike carry's same artwork

                                           A bike airbrushed for a lady to match her husbands.

                                       Airbrushed bike tank of wizard completed end of 2012

                                                Custom Helmet - Airbrushed in theme

Chopper Bike tins.

Custom Orange Pearl painted by Advanced Airbrush and graphics

Bike close up shot on guard - Ghost rider 2 themed

This bike theme is true fire with chrome graphic and Skull in flame on tank.

This chopper Tank, Guard (front & back) was done in full robotic theme by Wayne Harrison
Below is the bike all together.

One side this this bike is as seen with English flag and other is Australian flag.

Show chopper completed for owner in W.A.

Chopper Themed in racing feel with strips and checkers.

Jason from Contagious put down this Blue ice perl base from Colour Horizons then
Wayne airbrushed the silver chrome blades and skulls over the sides,guards and tank.

Wayne with the boys at a photo shoot for Zoo magazine, bike built by GLH & Paint & Graphics
By Wayne and team. Bike is purpose built for promotion for "Game" & X Box 360.

this is the bike used in Zoo magazine for photo shoot with Crystal from Big Brother

Bike painted by Wayne and graphics from Metal shell to show quality paint, it is a clean tidy corporate themed bike.

Red Paint by Heath G&S Prestige & Graphics
Produced by Wayne black flame with Gold Pinline.

This Bike was themed up for its name " Honda Fireblade ".
It was a prize in a raffle for Childhood Cancer Research 2008.

Graphic by Wayne Harrison

These 3 helmets are Airbrushed for an Australian Team of Juniors , different helmets but
same graphic.

Bike painted by Wayne in Gold / Green Diamond Crystal Colour change with Mural
themed on Grave scene and web.

Meet the OCC team with John's wild V8 Trike Airbrushed by Wayne
The guys from Orange County Choppers were here to film 3 series for the
show and here are some shots of the filming. Thanks to John and Jetspeed
for allowing us to be apart of the team and working on this great project.
For anyone intersted in these wild V8 Trikes Call Wayne and he will put you
in touch with John and his crew.

Young John Wayne and theme on tank and rear.

Pearl orange top with purple liquid base and smoke effect over .

This tank was a demo for Custom Rx8 - see on Custom page

Bike in Blue/Purple Shift Pearl Paint (Painted by Wayne) & Chrome blades graphics

ADVANCED AIRBRUSH is very well known in the Automotive industry for its award winning
Artwork on bikes, cars etc. We are able to offer support with Design and produce a high
quality job. Here are a few of our past works. We offer artwork and graphics
including club logos, flames, outrageous artwork or something
simple. We can make your ideas reality and something to be proud of and original & Creative.

* Helmets start from $AU 350 with average being $AU 450 For Murals.

* Bikes tanks & Guards start from $800AU for murals & Graphics average being $1,200AU and up)
For base coat & Murals & Graphics start from $1,800AU (Pearls, Flakes & Candiesextra)

Custom Pearl base & micron Flake with Graphic and Mural / True Fire painted by Wayne

Bright blue base with blue chrome blades over painted by Wayne

Vespa's Airbrushed in theme of Tiger/ Roses & Grafitti for a promotion Also 4x4 airbrushed
in background.

Airbrushed Bike
The famous Crop bike built by Natls for Australian actor

Custom Coppers built by Natli
Airbrushed by Advanced Airbrush

Custom Chopper built by GLH and Airbrushed By Wayne

In the background is a true fire surfboard with a helmet painted in Gators theme

Advanced Airbrush is very well known in the Automotive industry for its award winning
Artwork on bikes, cars etc. We are able to offer support with Design and offer a high
quality job. Here are a few of our past works. We do artwork and graphics of all kinds
including club logos, flames, graphics, outrageous artwork and graphics or something
simple. We can make your ideas reality.

Helmets start from $AU 450 with average being $AU 550. >

Here is a Chopper Pocket Rocket with True Fire

No this is not a lollie but a Helmet

Bike Tank - Indian Head

Black full set helmet, guards and tanks

Spider Helmet

Shark Helmet

Harley Davidson 99

Advanced Airbrush - bike art

The Vietnam Bike


are leaders of AIRBRUSH in Australia we offer Airbrush Teaching & Airbrush Product sales and Airbrush Production they are based in Sydney, Australia. No airbrush job too big or too small. Specialists in airbrushing for corporate vehicles, boats, bikes, shopfronts, vans, trucks, buses and Murals & anything you can think of. Leading Airbrush trainers and suppliers

ABN 23 621 870 144
Unit 1 & 2/ 15 Production Place, Penrith (Jamistown) N.S.W. 2750
Telephone: 1300 733 165      
Telephone: Australia 0247 222 332 International: +61 247 222 332
Facsimile: Australia 0247 222 309   International: +61 247 222 309

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