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Both of these are Advanced Students
of Advanced Airbrush

CAKE ART - Wayne will show
airbrushing cakes in unique themes

part of a project in 5 day workshop

These 2 panels are apart of 5 and 7
day workshops.

Students project completed over weekend

This student has dcompleted 2x 5 day
workshops and complete this over 2 days

This is a beginner completeing
a 5 day workshop on Gold Coast

a 5 day student Interm. Project

Multi Panel

Multi Panel

Multi Panel

Multi Panels

Mulit Panels


Wood effect & Metal

Vicky from W.A with her canvas project

Gold Coast Workshop,
students watching Wayne
doing artwork on a car also
below finished job.

Beach Scene completed in a course

Natural Fire effect completed at
course by Wayne Harrison

Mohammad from Middle East with
project he completed in Oct 09

Course in W.A Lansdale

Workshop - W.A  Lansdale
Minchinbury Workshop in progress

One of the many Projects completed in a 5 day course.

Wayne working with a student 

Mark has been doing several of
Wayne's courses on the Gold Coast
and is working with Wayne to refining
his work. Mark is a fine Arts artist

This is painted on a metal panel
& is a project you work on during a course

this underwater scene is a project on paper .

Metal panel

These are stencils and you are
shown how to create depth by shading
and backgrounds to them.

these Stencils are Huntington Beach
and can be purchased online in
our online shop


Our special friend Nell
who completed 3 months with
Wayne. Her work is amazing

HOK True fire with skull

Candy Sem Paint with
Skull effect

Skull stencil with Rust
back grounds which is taught
in courses

Multi layer panel

Surfboard completed by student
during a 5 day course on Gold Coast.

A Metal panel completed in 2 day
course on Gold Coast Sep 08

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2016 WORKSHOPS BOOKING DATES SUMMARY - Register on line NOW below.

PENRITH (nsw) - 2 DAY -  9th - 10th July 2016

5 DAY - 11th - 15th July 2016

7 day 2016 - 9th - 15th July 2016

PERTH  (W.A) -  2 day & 3 day May 21th - 23rd 2016

 GOLD COAST - 1st - 2nd October  (2 days) or 3rd- 7th October 2016 (5 days) 1st -7th October 2016 (7day)

DRU BLAIR WORKSHOPS AVAIALBE IN NOVEMBER  & DECEMBER 2016 SYDNEY & PERTH - BOOK NOW 1300 733 165 BOOKING ALREADY BEEN TAKEN FOR DRU' S next workshop in November 2016- CURRENTLY HAVE 12 student for Sydney, also doing PERTH Nov 2016 and has 13 students already booked into PERTH. limited spots for both


ADVANCED AIRBRUSH & AIRBRUSH SHOP are super excited to advise that a new form of workshops (AIRBRUSH TRAINGING) is about to be launched next month. There will be several teachers (Choose your teacher, Choose what your learn, choose how long Choose many programs or just 1. new concept training programs, night workshops and 1 day workshops. Weekly jam days . 

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE!!! and we will email you all information the day it is released.!!!!


NEW! - 1 DAY LEARN TO AIRBRUSH for CAKE DECORATING - Register by calling 1300 733 165 

  QUEENSLAND - Caboolture, Gold Coast
  WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Rockingham , Baldivis
  VICTORIA - through Airbrush Asylum 

Book online below or call the office to book in - 1300 733 165


Wayne Holds a Government Certificate 3 in Automotive Custom Painting Murals & Graphics & 

IS CURRENTLY DOING HIS CERTIFICATE 4 in training & Assessing .  


Gift Certificates are now available for Airbrush Workshops & Shop products.

You can buy a gift certificate for a loved one to attend a 2 day or 5 day workshop. or for Airbrush Shop products.

Call us now on 1300 733 165


Advanced Airbrush Workshops are 100% hands on. The Airbrush Workshop is over 90% practical with head teacher Wayne Harrison and his assistant Ryan Cribbin and 10% product information and maintenance support. Workshops are more 1 on 1 based for individual needs.
ADVANCED AIRBRUSH IS now running training workshops in PERTH
Advanced Airbrush Workshops never cancel and are 100% hands on. The Airbrush Workshop is over 90% practical with teacher Wayne Harrison and 10% product infromation and maintenance support.

GOLD COAST MAY 2016. Register NOW

5 DAY WORKSHOP (Monday to Friday) - (Max 12 students per teacher)
1/15 Production Place Jamisontown, PENRITH. NSW
Advanced Airbrush Workshops are 100% hands on. The Airbrush Workshop is over 90% practical with head teacher Wayne Harrison and his assistant Ryan Cribbin and 10% product information and maintenance support.Workshops are more 1 on 1 based for individual needs.

11th JULY 2016 - 15th JULY 2016   -  PENRITH N.SW.

Monday 9.15am - 4.30pm Tuesday - Wednesday 9.00am - 4.00pm.
Refreshment and morning tea supplied each day. Lunch supplied on Friday.

You can book full 7 day workshop below & includes the 9th & 10th July for $830.Special.  

This workshop is for the very beginner or the artist wishing to better their skills to a more advanced level. Your head teacher is Wayne . In our 5 day workshop, the first 3 days you will have projects that are set by your teacher Wayne. One of the projects will be a graphic board, metal panel or scenery as well as many smaller projects. Day 4 and 5 will be your own project. This may be a helmet, bike tank or bonnet to work on, on last few days (remembering to stay within your limits). If you don't have your own project you can do set project designed by Wayne.

This is a very intense workshop. See some of the panels completed at other 5 day workshop above and beside.
r own project. This may be a helmet, bike tank or bonnet to work on, on last few days (remembering to stay within your limits). If you don't have your own project you can do set project designed by Wayne.

This is a very intense workshop. See some of the panels completed at other 5 day workshop above and beside.

A loan Airbrush will be supplied to each student, however if you have your own we recommend that you bring it along as this will allow you to get use to it. Our Airbrush Shop has equipment once you have worked out what you want and need and Wayne is always on hand to advise you on what is best for you.

5 Day Penrith Workshops are run approx 3 times a year - January, June and Sep/ Oct school holidays.

You can combine the 2 day weekend workshop with a 5 day and do a full 7 day workshop. You will complete minimum of 4 major projects in the 7 day and also work on your own project of your choice. This is very popular and 7 days workshop special is $830. There is a weekend workshop on the 28th - 29th June to co inside with the 5 day.



1/15 Production Place Jamisontown, PENRITH. NSW

9th - 10th JULY 2016

About our 2 day workshops:

This workshop, if required will be divided into 2 groups - NEW Beginners & Advanced for those who have completed a previous workshop. It is 100% hands on workshop

You will learn everything from getting started or refreshing your skills. Completeing a panel project on the Sunday whether you are a beginner or more advanced student. The projects for more advanced students are the tear out panel, skulls for Automotive interest and tear out with scene for Art students wishing to airbrush for Art. Wayne teaches on a 1 to 1 basis so this will allow you to learn at your own speed and in your own interest whether it's Automotive style, Fine Arts, body painting or just hobby . All is covered.

Put in "Comments" what your interest in Airbrushing is when booking on-line.


THIS workshop is for the beginner Airbrush artist, hobbiest, make up, cake decorating, body painter. Airbrush skills are all the same, you will be explained correct paints & supplies. Any questions please call.



11th -15th JULY 2016   5 day workshop Mon- Frid


You can do this as a stand alone 5 day workshop (register above) OR extensive 7 day programme from 9th - 15th JULY 2016. Book here for the discount rate of $830 both. More information call the office on 1300 733 165

Saturday 9.15am - 4.00pm and other days 9.00am - 4.00pm

Our intense 7 day programme is for the artist who wishes to obtain a lot of information on all aspects of airbrushing. We have a lot of interstate and overseas travels who do this workshop. As well as locals and country people. It allows a lot of information and advise and support in a set time allowing for time off work and holidays for the family.

5 DAY PROGRAM - refreshing or learn basis in first 2 days. Day 3 is a panel project Similar to those on the left hand column. this will be completed over 2 days, you will learn many effects within 1 poject eg Blades, fire, timber, stone, metal, as well as blending. Then the last day of the programe is your own project or let Wayne set the project to flow on one from where your at. 

Put in "Comments" what your interest in Airbrushing is when booking on-line. Also if only doing 2 day or wish to make it 7 day. thank you.




1/15 Production Place Jamisontown, PENRITH. NSW

9th - 15th JULY 2016    Special price $830 For 7 days intense

NEXT 7 day is October School holidays

THIS IS THE first workshop for the year in Penrith. Penrith will be having many changes through 2016, Wayne will be your teacher in this workshop.

This workshop is designed for the artist who wants a very detailed workshop. Taking you through several projects

Getting started - equipment, paints and general questions
Starter projects - understanding stencils and rendering them.
Blending and shapes - total of 3 projects are completed in the 7 day workshop

Panel - designed to show many design elements at easy to understand level.

Your last day of workshop can be your own project, allowing you to develop your skills in the area you wish to work or Let Wayne set you a project

A Deposit of $110 confirms your place within a worshop.
Balance is not due till first day of workshop. Local accomodation can advised.




WAYNE has just expanded his full business and training workshops into PERTH.
Our current workshops are being run around the Rockingham area. But during late 2016 we will be expanding into Scarsborough area. Call Wayne direct for more info on 0419 994 050

 21st -22nd MAY for 2 day or 21st -23rd 3 day. 

SPECIAL PRICE - Buy 1 and get second workshop 1/2 price

2 day or 3 day . workshop. Wayne is running a 2 day weekend ($320) or 3 day ($420) including the friday workshop BALDIVIS area. If you are after a more instense workshop the 3 day allows you to d a graphic panel project or you may choose to do a smaller 2 day and complete a underwater theme.

The 2 day is more based for the beginner wishing to become introduced to the airbrush as the 3 days is more for those who are already working with an airbrush and wish the more intense project to push their skills to the next level.

Tutor- Wayne has been airbrushing professionally for over 35 years and complete high end projects on commercial aircrafts, high profile clients including Gai Waterhouse, Microsoft and also including being involved a reality TV show about himself and airbrush. For more inforation and to see quality of his work visit profile page.

Please put in the comments section if its the 2 day or 3 day you wish to book in for. You will still pay the $110 deposit for either workshop, just the balance due will be diferent and you don't pay this till first day of workshop.



(OCTOBER 2016)

1st - 2nd OCTOBER  2 DAY WORKSHOP - $330 


Weekend workhop is good for those working full time and have no previous knowledge of using an airbrush or for the student who already airbrush and wants to better their skills. This is a 100% hands on workshop. Everyone completes 2 projects including a underwater scene at different levels depending upon your skills level.

This workshop is for everyone 14 to 99. Fine Arts through to Automotive. Something for all.

Some accomodation onsite is avaialble. Go to www.themountainviewretreat.com. Wayne will be teaching at this venue.

Price to stay is $100 per person for single or $75 per person on twin share accommodation.

Day 1 You are split into 2 groups - beginners and those who have not airbrushed before. Your projects will be set by Wayne and those who wish to extend on their knowledge.
Day 2 both groups work on different projects. You will for a beginner complete a scene like the underwater scene on side. This is a second day beginners project. Intermediate to advanced students will be set there project once Wayne sees the level you are at. All workshops are 100% practical.


3rd - 7th OCTOBER  5 DAY WORKSHOP $625

1st - 7th OCTOBER  7 DAY WORKSHOP - $880 For those wishing full programme.

THIS BOOKING IS FOR 5 DAY, IF YOUR BOOKING FOR 7 PLEASE mention in comments. No extra deposit is required. 

By registering Now, It is for 5 day or 7 day workshop, just in comments put which one you are registering for. It is same deposit, just your balance will be different and your confirmation letter will include your chosen dates for this workshop.

Some ACCOMODATION ON SITE is avaialble. Go to www.themountainviewretreat.com. Wayne will be teaching at this venue and also staying onsite too.

For 5 nights are $400 per single or $300 for twin share.

For the 7 day workshop on site accommodation is $500 for single or $400 for twin share.

The 7 day workshop For the artist who wants to get max out of a workshop.You will complete 6 projects including 1 of your own.
The 5 Day workshop Is you will complete 4 projects with 1 being a multi panel as seen on this page. Or you may chose to complete 3 projects and 1 of your own projects as well.
Sat - Friday 9.15am - 4.30pm.

Wayne Harrison is your teacher.

This is for the beginner to a student who is after bettering their skills.

If your a more advanced student Wayne will work out projects for you in a seperate group or he will show you something you want to learn. eg true fire - portrait - etc.
Day 1 Getting started in airbrushing - control of the airbrush and a outback b/w scene.
Day 2 Metal panel project working with colour and effects of ripping & stencil to 3D.
Day 3 ,4, 5 Larger projects of many effects, metal, wood, blades, fire, blends. freehand and stencil work. This design Wayne does with students incorporating all the things they want to learn into one design. Major weeks project see sames down the side of this page.
Day 6 & 7 Work on your own project or have Wayne set one for you. This is great for artists wishing to learn a certain style or a set project. This is done with Wayne's help.

Own projects can be a bike helmet, bike tank, Fine Art piece, or one of Waynes.

Whatever you want to learn, Wayne will show you throughout this workshop.

If you require any products you are entitled to a student discount and by going to www.airbrushshop.com.au you can purchase these products. For more information on any of these workshops, please call the office on 1300 733 165.









Baldivis & Rockingham - PERTH W.A
(Weekends & Weekdays)
Wayne is now running workshops in Perth. You can register your interest in our 7 day THE 2 day and 3 day workshops dates are above for 2016. With some new evening workshops and also 1 day programms will be set. At this stage we have 2 locations - Rockingham and Baldivis with a new site in 2016 being sort around North side Perth. Also our www.airbrushshop.com.au will be set up there with products available through a shop frontage. Advise and support will also be offered. Stay tuned for more information on the changes at Perth. $350


ACCOMODATION IDEAS for workshops in all areas CLICK HERE

Brisbane 2 day workshop above Most students it's their 1st workshop
Brisbane 5 day workshop below - students completeing many projects

OUR NEW BRISBANE workshops are up and running.

Workshop on the Gold Coast January 2013 - beginners workshop completed in first 2 days

Course on Gold Coast January 2010 5 day with some students continuing on 7 day.

Gold Coast workshop June 2012 - students finished project after 2 days beginners workshop

Gold Coast - June 2011

Gold Coast Sept 08 week 2, 5 Day Students with some of there projects

September 08 Gold Coast week1, 5 Day Course. Students with one Project

October 08 Minchinbury Course 5 Day and Students with some of their projects.

Workshop Penrith October 09 we were also honoured to have Mahmoud who attended the course all the way from the Far East, he arrived the day of the course and returned the day after. See Mahmoud with his project of a helmet in left column. Also Nell returned for another course from New Zealand and stayed to complete a project she will enter in the Summernats competition.

2010 January Penrith 5 Day course, students with some of their projects

5 day course May 2008. Some of the project students chose

Perth 3 Day course September 09, students with own designed Graphic panels

Course Penrith 5 day course May 09

At Courses you will Learn Basics To Airbrush - Automotive , or Improve your current skills.

2 Day Weekend & 5 Day mid week workshops
or combine the 5 and 2 day workshop for a intense 7 day workshop Penrith & Gold Coast
12 month courses are available on request. Set to your needs & time in PENRITH.
* 10 x 2 day weekends or do a 5 day course and follow on courses, Wayne
sets your projects

Click here to see- ADVANCED STUDENTS AND their work.

& Weekly nights also available with Lynette & Daniel call office for details 1300 733 165

WAS  LAUNCHED AT MOTOREX Homebush 30th June . Wayne's new 3 disc Automotive is
also out now completeing 3 Automotive projects. Basic step by step support is offered.
orders are now available through our Airbrush Online Shop



* Please note courses are not refundable but 100% transferable for up to 12months*

See below workshop schedule for more information on workshops.


Student completed an underwater scene during 5 day course.

"Advanced Airbrush Course for Beginners" completed over 5 days in May 2007
Students with their projects.

Course run at Tamworth Tafe, thanks to a great group.

Course in progress at Tamworth Tafe, Teachers and students working side by side.

This was a course held on the Gold Coast Dec 07, here is the last project they completed
on the sunday.


Weekend course held in Melbourne 2008

Student working on a project she wanted to learn.

Student - Jeremy Richardson age 17 Airbrushed his own car

Some projects from day 1 & 2 of 5 day course Jan 08

Student working on a mural of a frog in 5 day workshop

Graphic Panel produced in 5 day workshop fit for bikes,cars & helmets

* Due to some major commitments we may need to in emergency change dates with little notice. We advise all those traveling interstate by air that they purchase a ticket that they can change dates if needed. We are very sorry but this sometimes is beyond our control.


Workshops In Other States
Workshops in  Adelaide are available through other Airbrush artists we recommend . For more information on the interstate courses you will need to email us your full address and name and daytime contact number of theses artists.

International Airbrush Workshops
Airbrush workshops and production are considered for countries outside Australia, including India, Japan and Korea. Please email us if you are interested. NEW!!!   COURSES ARE BEING SET IN MALAYSIA, stay tuned for updates.

For more info on any course please email us or ring 0419 994050 and speak with Wayne Harrison who travels wordwide teaching airbrush.

About Our Workshops

At Advanced Airbrush we run beginners airbrush courses as well as courses for the intermediate to advanced students.

As our courses are run on a more individual basis we offer more a one on one training, and will teach each student at their own pace. You are not limited to the other students and their abilities
When you come for one of Wayne's courses you will be shown on the first day what you want to
know, you dont have to do so many courses to get the knowledge your after.

Some students are artists and others have no art skills at all. We will teach you to use the Airbrush, maintain it and do special effects and tricks with the Airbrush. Also be able to produce artwork.

We teach maximum 14 students per teacher.

Wayne Harrison (Owner/Artist) has over 30 years of Automotive Airbrush experience including fine arts, Wall Art & all other forms of Airbrush art. Wayne holds a Licenced Ticket for
Automotive Art and Graphics .

Wayne's Artworks have won Awards in USA and Australia. Also his artwork has received a lot of Top awards for Top Graphics and Airbrush Art (Murals) throughout the automotive shows around Australia eg Auto Salon. Wayne has also traveled to Malaysia to teach students for a new business setting up, and will continue to support the students as required.

With our hands on teaching and personal experience in the Airbrush Field of production we are able to teach you Airbrushing for:

  • Automotive /Bike Airbrushing
  • T- Shirt Art
  • Trompe L'oiel (Wall Art)
  • General Murals
  • Hobby Airbrushing
  • Nail Art
  • Body Painting ( promotional) You must bring your own model on last day
  • What ever you wish to learn in Airbrushing Wayne & his staff can help.

5 Day Courses ( What Happens in one)
This is for the beginner to advanced student  (you don't have to have art knowledge but it does help of course when doing murals). Graphics can be achieved by anyone with the knowledge we offer. Also paint effects e.g. Water, Wood, Granite, Marble etc. This course is run on the same lines as the 2 day but allows extra days to complete your own projects (This is only allowed now in 5 day workshops) e.g. bonnets or try different avenues of Airbrushing e.g. body art, nail art, t-shirts, general murals, graphics, paint effects, automotive airbrushing etc.

A certificate is supplied to each student for resumes.

Lunch is now supplied on the last day of the workshop

For more information you can contact Wayne and also we have information for local accommodation from basic to 5 star accommodation that is local to our workshop.

2 Day Courses  ( What happens in one)
These are hands on workshops for the novice (beginner) to the advanced artist, signwriter. You will learn the basic essentials of Airbrushing and the tricks of the trade, from what ever stage you are at to the next stage.

Advanced Airbrush courses are individually designed to allow students to follow their chosen form of Airbrush e.g., Automotive, hobby, wall murals, t-shirts etc. You don't waste time learning things you really are not interested in anyway and have no intention of doing that form of Airbrushing. Weekend courses are designed for the beginner to the advanced students and the maximum number of students are 13 to a class.

Lunch is supplied on Sunday & a certificate is given to each student.

Automotive Course
Complete a 2 day workshop on a weekend  or 5 day with us or any other teaching group and you 
can join one of our Automotive workshops. First sets of dates are posted. You will be
not working on learning how to use an Airbrush but you will learn how to apply graphics, use stenciles, prep of your work,  the proceedure of Automotive Airbrushing correctly and safely.

email us on [email protected]

                                                                                                                    Wayne showing a stop by step of Gravel scene

Workshop Tutors

Wayne Harrison
Wayne Harrison is an International and Australian award winning airbrush artist  and a Licenced registered custom painter and Airbrush artist.

Wayne has been Airbrushing for over 30 years and has worked in his own Airbrush business for several of the 30 years. Wayne manages production in his very successful Sign and Airbrush company, teaching 5 day courses mid week and  2 day weekends.

During these years he has won many awards for his work including Top Custom Paint and  1st Place Alternative in USA at Airstorm 95' (there were 3 categories, T-Shirt - Illustration and Alternative). In 1998 he won 1st Place for Automotive and Illustration and 2nd Place Wall Art and T-shirt in the Australian Airbrush Awards.. He has also won 1st Place in Sign off Awards                 ( Australian Sign Industry) for Automotive.

In 2003 Wayne and his staff also took out the award Champion of Champions and in 2006
Wayne personally was highly commended as "Entreprenuer of the year".

Wayne has been teaching Airbrush for a large part of his 30 years in Airbrush Art offering Students his knowledge, tricks of the trade and freehand business skills.

Wayne also now has 2 other very professional teachers & Artists  that work along side Wayne
Ryan & Chris  who are professional artists & teachers.

Students from our 5 day workshop in August 2007, some of the projects they completed
with Wayne

An Automotive workshop that was run over a 2 days in 1998. These helmets where all painted by the end of the course. Students were advised and completed all aspects of preparation right up to the finished job. All paints used were correct to their surface. Paints, and product information is also given through out the course.
This workshop is a group on their first day doing some basic steps that is used while Airbrushing and photo taken back in 1996
This is a students finished project completed in a 2 day workshop (he was a beginner)
Own projects are now only availabe in certain 2 day & all 5 day courses
This student finished this helmet in a 2 day workshop (this was his first Airbrush artwork)
own projects are now only available in certain 2 day & all 5 day courses completed in 1996


Here is a copy of an email received from Matt who attended a workshop by Advanced Airbrush:

To: [email protected]
Subject: Workshop - Thankyou

G'Day Joanne and Wayne,

Great to meet you both on the weekend at the course.

Many thanks to Wayne for his guidance and for teaching me the techniques I needed to complete my project over the weekend. The course was fantastic and I can definitely recommend it to everyone I know that airbrushes. I got so much out of the weekend that all I can think about now is to go out in my workshop and start airbrushing....Anything !!. Just want to airbrush something and work on my skills and the skills that Wayne taught me.

Also want to thank Wayne for giving me more confidence in airbrushing as well, as that is something that I know I lack. But once I got started, I forgot about everything else, even lunch, until Wayne asked if we wanted to eat lunch. But really, the course was great and I enjoyed myself immensely. Wayne is an awesome airbrush artist and a great teacher and I feel that I am privileged to have met him and done one of his courses. He has now given me the bug to airbrush and also something (his artwork) and someone (himself) to aspire to be like. I will definitely be doing more courses in the future. I want to be able to produce something to enter next years Airbrush Expo competition.

Many thanks


Letter received from Rob:

Hey Wayne and co.

Want to say thanks mate, I gained a lot from your workshop in Brisvegas and I am really keen to get into airbrushing a lot more. Many people asked me why I needed to go to an airbrush workshop and to be honest I had to wonder about that myself. I hoped you could unlock some tricks for me, make the whole process easier somehow and guess what, you did just that! Now I approach airbrushing with a lot more confidence, freehanding without tiresome masking makes the whole process so much easier , quicker and enjoyable.

The first project I am tackling is a portrait of each of my kids.......oh shit! look what you got me into!! I'll attach a piccie of the portrait I crash tackled at your workshop, I'm bloody proud of it, (My son Rob is rapt in it, he even forgave me for destroying his CD cover)...

I look forward to doing another workshop in the future, there is always more to learn.

Thanks for spreading it around.

Rob Clark

Picture from Brisbane Workshop April 2001
Pictures from Dubbo Workshop April 2000
These are two guys that completed a recent workshop course and were novice (beginners) when starting the course. The first day is to get to know your equipment and basic strokes that are needed. The next two days are spent working on projects.
These are the two main projects produced by those guys. The projects were started and completed in two days.

are leaders of AIRBRUSH in Australia we offer Airbrush Teaching & Airbrush Product sales and Airbrush Production they are based in Sydney, Australia. No airbrush job too big or too small. Specialists in airbrushing for corporate vehicles, boats, bikes, shopfronts, vans, trucks, buses and Murals & anything you can think of. Leading Airbrush trainers and suppliers

ABN 23 621 870 144
Unit 1 & 2/ 15 Production Place, Penrith (Jamistown) N.S.W. 2750
Telephone: 1300 733 165      
Telephone: Australia 0247 222 332 International: +61 247 222 332
Facsimile: Australia 0247 222 309   International: +61 247 222 309

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