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Many of these cars have won Top Awards in Custom Painting, Murals and Graphics in Auto Salon, Summernats, Motorex and hundreds of car shows around Australia .

At Advanced Airbrush we offer custom paint eg Crystal Ice Pearls & Flakes through  to Full custom artwork & Graphics. Wayne holds a certificate 3 in Paint for Murals & Graphics and has over 30 years experience in Custom Auto Art & Paint.

Wayne and his team of Artists Ryan and Jeremy offer high qualtiy work as samples seen.
As well as producing the art for Top Show cars we also enjoying creating the look for the street car that makes you an individual. Or that custom corporate feel to your work truck or van Prices average $1000 for a Bonnet Mural to $2,500 for show quality bonnet.

Wayne specializes in airbrushing Tribute vehichles for his clients and Wayne latest work is a Pink Tribute Convertable and a ute  to Lady Gaga see below. His past work you will also see below with the bands signing the tribute cars for our clients.

Currently working on a Stretch Limo being a tribute to Legends of music. See pictures soon or follow on Facebook for more up to date images of current work.

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